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Washington Employers presents the 16th Annual NW Diversity Learning Series
Everybody In: The Inclusive Workplace

What is the 2014 Series about?

The practice of Diversity & Inclusion reflects much of what is going on in the United States and the global workforce – it is in a state of constant evolution and change. Today inclusion is a core expectation of the emerging workforce. We, as Diversity & Inclusion educators, must emphasize the power of inclusion to help cultivate a healthier and more engaging workplace. To emphasize the inclusion of everybody is to be better prepared for that change.

2014 will give us the opportunity to reflect on the past, put it into context of the present, and lay the groundwork for a stronger set of D/IQ skills. With a Theme of Everybody In: The Inclusive Workplace, each 2014 session will use emerging trends, data, and practical application methodologies to help each of our organizations prepare to meet the evolving needs of a diverse and inclusion-focused workplace.

What are the sessions about?

The Series’ six highly interactive morning education sessions will address the 
following topics:

What is the learning approach for the sessions?

The learning methodologies for the 16th Annual NW Diversity Learning Series will be aimed at the diverse learning styles and needs of our audience. The sessions will be experiential — Adult Learning Theory tells us that most adults learn best by "doing." All participants will be guided to use a variety of methods in each session which will include — but may not be limited to — storytelling, audio presentations (i.e., music, voice), visual / video presentations (i.e., PowerPoint, DVD) and internet media, if available (i.e., YouTube). Each session will also include print resources and references so that participants may continue their education on the topic beyond the morning session.

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Diversity Learning Series
Diversity Learning Series
Diversity Learning Series